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Little Theatre Auditions for the year
by theblazinator (theblazinator)
at August 11th, 2008 (09:38 am)

Hi all,
So, I'm sorry it's too late for the first show of the new season, but I have all of the info on all of the other shows now.  Here goes:

Murder Is a Game (a comedy/mystery)--Auditions September 14 and 15, Performances October 24-26, 30-31, November 1-2  (FYI--these dates will be around the same as with Brave New World, so you'd be rehearsing with me during the day and them at night.  The show dates don't conflict, though.  Yes, there is a performance on Halloween night, too, so no TOTS-EAT if you're involved).  Director-Harriet Winokur-a WONDERFUL woman and dear friend of mine.  This is her first time directing, but she is a fabulous actress.  Characters in your age range:  June Ripley--described as "Young and pretty."  That's pretty much it.  There are two roles in their thirties that she may be able to go younger for, but I'm not sure.

Christmas Belles (comedy)--Auditions October 26 and 27, Performances December 5-7, 11-14 (Beware--This conflicts directly with Districts for the performance dates.  So, if you do this show, you can't do Districts and vice versa).  Director--Nancy McCormick-one of the veteran directors there.  Characters in your age range:  Gina Jo (GJ) Dubberly--20's guileless and enthusiastic, Frankie and Dub's daughter; Justine Waverly--20s interim Pastor at the Tabernacle of the Lamb;  Raynerd Chisum--part-time employee at The Dairy Dog, pulls wagon everywhere

Out of Order (farce)--Auditions November 30 and December 1.  Performances January 9-11, 15-18.  Director-John Stenko.  He directed Best Little Whorehouse last year, so talk to some of the kids that did that if you want more on him.  Characters in your age range--Jane Worthingon--an attractive but dizzy young lady (I'm assuming that means airheaded) ; Ronnie--an angry young man

Red Hot and Cole (musical)--Auditions January 11 and 12, Performances February 27-28, March 1, 5-8, 12-15.  Director--John Stenko (see above).  No character descriptions were given, but it needs 8 men, 8 women and all ages.  Here's a description of the show "Red Hot and Cole celebrates the life of one of the greatest songwriting masters of this century.  This two act revue traces Cole's career from Indiana to the world stages of New York, London, Paris and Venice, through his marriage, his friendships with the greats of his age and the tragic riding accident that crippled him in mid-career, physically, but not artistically.  The show features of 25 Cole Porter standards including "Night And Day," "I Love Paris," "Anything Goes," "Let's Do It," "Miss Otis Regrets," "Just One of THose Things," "In the STill of the Night," and "My Heart Belongs to Daddy." "

Driving Miss Daisy (comedy/drama)--NO AUDITIONS--the cast was chosen as they chose the show, but you're all the wrong age anyway.  Performances will be April 17-19, 23-26

And the Winner Is (comedy)--Auditions April 5 and 6, Performances May 22-24, 28-31 (be careful with graduation/prop/other end of the year dates...I don't know them yet).  Director is Brian Fitzgibbons.  It's his first time directing, but if you've seen plays at the LT in the last few years, chances are you've seen Brian.  He's one of their most popular performers.  Ages of the characters are listed as 20s-60s.  I'm not sure what the director is thinking, but it looks liek the role of Serenity, a hot bimbo actress, may be the only one supposed to be young.

OK.  That's what I know as of now.  I'll keep you posted as I find things out.  Happy last week of summer!
~Mrs. Blazi
PS--Can someone who does the myspace site post this there, too?  Thanks!